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Awesome Features

ChannelBuzz is Telegram's best advertising network. Here's why

100% Safe Escrow System

The channel owner receives payment after the duration of your advertisement has ended. This way ChannelBuzz ensures that the channel owner doesn't delete your ads prematurely.

Pay With Crypto

We have negotiated the most competitive rates with our partner channels, so you won't need to bargain with them. Payment can be made with cryptocurrency or a bank card.

High-Quality Audience

Telegram has higher engagement rates than Facebook and Instagram. Identify channels with relevant audiences and place ads securely.

Hundreds of Channels

Choose from hundreds of Telegram channels and categories to advertise

How Does It Work?

ChannelBuzz is a Telegram bot lets you advertise on popular Telegram channels with a large audience.

You don't have to negotiate with channel owners anymore or trust whether your ad will be published. Using ChannelBuzz's escrow system, you can be sure that your transactions will be fraud-free.

Getting Started With Telegram Ads

Choose channels

Choose from more than 400 popular Telegram channels.

Attach ad copy

Attach or forward your ad copy to @ChannelBuzzBot.


Ad goes live

The channel administrator or owner must approve your advertisement before it is posted. Once the advertisement ends, the owner will receive payment and the ad will be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

ChannelBuzz is a platform that unites advertisers with Telegram channel administrators. As an advertiser, you choose the channels you want to advertise on, make the payment, and you're done. A refund will be provided if the channel owner does not publish the ad within 24 hours.

As a third party, ChannelBuzz holds the funds until the ad duration has expired. You will get a refund if the channel owner deletes your ad before the expiry time.

As crypto transactions are irreversible, refunds cannot be issued if the channel owner has already received his payment. If you are dissatisfied with your ad's performance, contact support before it expires.

Each channel has a different rate, which is determined by the owner. Prices vary between $1 and $500 per hour based on the number of subscribers, views per post, and other factors.

The advertiser can determine the length of time his ad will be displayed on the channel. Your ad can run for 6-24 hours.

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